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Bundle Products

Freedom from harsh chemicals that harm your skin. And freedom from the odor that only gets masked by toxic chemicals in most products. 

We’ve got you covered from head to toe. 

With safe, effective, all-natural products that nourish your skin and eliminate odor-causing bacteria. 

Like Our Freedom Triple Threat that will keep you protected and feeling fresh all day!

What you will get: 

Our Eco-Friendly Natural Deodorant:

Our advanced, natural formula is clinically proven to be effective and is powerful enough to truly eliminate odor all day long.

Kill odor-causing bacteria BEFORE it gets on the skin.
Keep your skin healthy with clean and safe ingredients. Leave out artificial junk like aluminum and parabens.


Our Shower Mist:

Turn your shower into a luxury spa!
 Start and end your day with the relaxing scent of our 100% pure Eucalyptus oil shower mist.
Wash away your stress and anxiety with this amazing spray that will also help you unclog your respiratory passages. 

Our Everywhere Spray: 

“Our Shower in a Bottle” eliminates and prevents bacteria from forming on the skin. 
Allowing you to keep your whole body fresh without toxic ingredients!
Armpits, feet, privates… All Over! 
Safe to use EVERYWHERE.
Also works on yoga mats, shoes, and other surfaces.

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