Ira Green

Motivational Speaker & Breast Cancer Survivor 🎀

Hire a game changer that inspires and empowers you and your team

to push through anything.

Her message:

Pushes You Through Obstacles


“From the moment Ira took the stage, it was evident that we were in for a transformative experience. Her capacity to captivate each individual in the room and deliver a message that resonated universally is nothing short of remarkable. It felt as if she were speaking directly to each of us, making the experience incredibly personal and relatable.”

-Taysha Williams, Managing Director, Texas Tech University.

“Truly one of the most memorable and inspirational talks I have attended in a long while! Ira was able to weave her incredible story of perseverance with sage advice and humor. She has an impressive list of accomplishments but can also be down to earth and relatable, which is a winning combination.”

-Ashley Rosilier, CEO of abbyrose

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