Winner of Launching Las Vegas

We at Freedom Natural Deodorant were so thrilled to be part of the Launching Las Vegas 2018 Contest. It was amazing to see how the community came together to support us and our equally awesome woman-owned business competitors. As a small local business, it's easy to forget how big of an influence we have on the city of Las Vegas. It warms our hearts to know that our impact on Las Vegas is so strong--strong enough to bring locals together to vote every day for three weeks.

We can't thank Dr. Pancholi enough for this opportunity. We can't thank the people of Las Vegas enough for supporting Freedom and other woman-owned businesses like it. To The Sweat Store and Sin City Cupcakes, we want to extend our congratulations. We are so happy to share this win with them. We loved Launching Las Vegas 2018. It was a fantastic experience!

Posted By Ira Kaganovsky

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