Why You Should Make The Switch To Natural Deodorant & What To Expect

Why Am I Switching To Natural Again? 

Chemicals are the pits, so they shouldn’t be in yours! 

You’ve likely been using traditional deodorant since your teenage years, swiping away without giving it a second thought. And most likely, that deodorant contained an antiperspirant. Believe it or not, antiperspirant is classified as a drug by the FDA! It contains aluminum that works to  “plug” your pores, thus blocking sweat from exiting the body. So if you don’t sweat, you won’t smell. 

Does plugging your pores with a drug sound healthy to you? We didn’t think so. 

So, How Does Natural Deodorant Work? 

By comparison, natural deodorant works to neutralize the smell of your natural body odor with ingredients like magnesium hydroxide, baking soda and essential oils. Not to mention coconut oil and shea butter to nourish the skin. 

Therefore, natural deodorants don’t stop you from sweating. Yet they do stop the smell (and make you smell amazing btw!) so with time, you’ll find yourself sweating less and less. Yes, really!

Read More FAQ’s On Natural Deodorant Below: 

We find many people (we all do this) start out using TOO MUCH under their arms. Remember, a little goes a long way! 

Help, it’s getting on my clothes! 

  • Remember, less is more. *If* you find the product is left on your skin or on your clothes, you are likely using too much! 
  • Just a dab will do ya and make sure to rub it in. Think of it like lotion, you wouldn’t just leave lotion sitting on top of the skin, same with our deodorant. 
My skin is irritated! 
    • Check the ingredients! Some people are indeed allergic to things like coconut oil or baking soda. You may want to try one of our baking-soda free scents such as cocovan or jasmine orange blossom. 
    I’m still sweating! 
      • Like we said, natural deodorant is meant to stop you from smelling, not stop you from doing what your body wants to do, sweat! We suggest you give it a week or two for your body to catch up with the transition and you’ll likely notice you’re sweating less than you were before! 
      Ouch! I used the deodorant after shaving and it hurts. 
        • We don’t recommend applying the deodorant immediately after shaving or waxing your underarms as your skin is extra sensitive. Depending on your sensitivity level, you’ll need to wait 12-24 hours before reapplying. 

        Remember change is hard at first, messy in the middle and Gorgeous in the end… Find your FREEDOM..

        Once you’re armed with the information above and a little bit of time, you’ll be smelling great and sweating less in no time. 

        Would you like to try Freedom Deodorant for yourself? Click here to learn more about our scents, our ingredients and how we are getting people healthier one armpit at a time.
        Posted By Ira Kaganovsky

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