What's Your Scent?

Did you know, the scent of your deodorant will help it work or not work on your body. Every person’s body is different!

Have you ever smelled your friend’s perfume and loved it, but when you wore it it smelled totally different? That’s because everyone’s hormones and pheromones are different and ultimately affect the final smell. It’s not any different when it comes to deodorant.

Let’s find the scent that will work best for you!

 Scents tend be in: 

  1. Citrus (vibrant and tangy)- Lavender Citrus, Frankincense Peach
  2. Fresh (light and clean) – Unscented, Coco Van, Bergamot Mint
  3. Floral (romantic)- Coming Soon!!
  4. Sweet (fruity, sugary) – Frankincense Peach
  5. Warm (woodsy, musky and spicy) – Amber

Next step: Once you’ve decided on a particular fragrance family, get out there and start smelling. Different blends will appeal to different people. Get a tester of a scent you think you will love, and wear it when you’re stressed, outdoors, at work or anywhere else you can think of. See what holds up best on your body. 

I have gone as far as putting different scents on different armpits to see what fits best on me. You should do the same. You can try them all with our 5 pack of travel minis. It’s the perfect way to get started!

FYI- I’m a Bergamot Mint girl! I have worn every scent but the Bergamot Mint just lasts better on my body. My daughter’s all wear different scents. Roma is a Frankincense Peach girl, Ava is Coco Van (she has very sensitive skin) and last but not least Stella goes between Bergamot Mint and Amber… go figure! See, everyone is different!

Find your perfect FREEDOM

Love and light,  Ira

Posted By Alex Fernandez

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