Ways to Have a Healthier Body on Easy Mode

Most people say that they want to change what they put into their bodies to feel better, but what about changing the things that go on the outside? Learning how to finally use that make-up palette you got yourself 3 Birthdays ago would be nice, but there are some easy tricks for improving your natural beauty and health, that aren’t even hard to do!  So we here at Freedom have got you covered with a list.

 The first thing I’d suggest is switching your ‘poo. Your shampoo, that is. Some shampoos promise beautiful hair but have chemicals leading to dry or brittle hair, and scalp damage. If you see Sodium Laurel Sulfate or SLS in any of your hair products, DUMP IT! It's used in shampoos to cause a more sudsy lather and to get the shampoo to spread more easily. This can create the illusion of being squeaky clean but that ‘poo will kill your ‘do. SLS also has other derivatives such as diethanolamine (DEA,) triethanolamine (TEA,) and monoethanolamine (MEA,) so don’t be fooled by those either. 

I like smelling like cupcakes all day long so I don’t like to admit this one either... but your favorite smelly lotion is why you’re still feeling dry after using it. Many fragrances, especially synthetic ones, are allergenic and can even lead to skin irritation, depending on how sensitive your skin is. So try a fragrance-free lotion, see if it makes you feel better! 

 Last but not least, some things in main-stream deodorant may not be good for you. Antiperspirants can clog your pores, and the parabens that are commonly used to increase shelf life can make you produce more estrogen. An easy fix? Use one that doesn’t have all the junk. Freedom Deodorant is aluminum free, paraben free, and phthalates free, with the bonus of being cruelty free and EWG certified.  

Just a few tweaks in buying habits, and you’re a bit healthier already!
Posted By Tanis Tamberella

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