Warm Weather Means Stinky Feet Season Is Upon Us

The sun is out, the weather is getting warmer and it’s nice to be outside again… but uh oh it also means we need to up our odor protection all around. 

Closed toe shoes PLUS hot weather can lead to really bad foot odor. Foot odor happens when the bacteria that lives on your skin and in your shoes eat your sweat. YIKES!

It’s gross to say but fungi loves to thrive in dark and moist places - so inside your shoes is the best place to be! 

In my house, we take our shoes off before entering but that doesn’t mean I want to have my stinky feet walking around the house. I use my Coco Van Everywhere Deodorant Spray to eliminate the bacteria on my feet after taking off my shoes. I actually prefer leaving it next to the doorway so guests who come inside can refresh their feet before walking in without feeling embarrassed. 

And can I be honest…. I love hearing my friends in my house excited about their feet smelling like Coconut Vanilla.   

But being a mom of 3 crazy daughters they love to go outside and play in the park. My deodorant spray is a mom’s best friend. I spray them down and I love that this formula is 100% safe for the kids and your skin. It’s what I love to call “a shower in a bottle.” 

Odor goes beyond the armpits and the Everywhere Deodorant Spray takes care of the rest of your body. Our advanced natural formula eliminates bacteria while leaving your skin feeling refreshed and clean. It’s the quick fix odor solution for whenever you’re on the go. 

Just remember this the next time you go into someone’s house and uh oh … you need to leave your shoes at the door.


Posted By Randy Huynh

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