Tuesday Talk - Green Beauty

Hi guys, Ira from FREEDOM deodorant and we are doing our weekly Tuesday talks and Tuesday talks this week's was all things green.

So, green happens to be my last name. so I might know a thing or two regarding anything Green and I have a green company, so go figure.

In keeping light of saint Patty's Day weekend and all things green, I have my green earrings on and and I have my favorite green hat on thank you very much.

I’ve got my favorite green lip balm right here and yes I said it certified organic green lip balm. right here. We’re going to talk about all things green. what does green mean? Nothing Actually.

it really means nothing. it is not a certification from the FDA. If you got a green product I would hope they are telling the truth and it is green in the sense of it's all natural and it doesn't have pesticides or chemicals in it.

In the chemicals that you should want to stay away from you should actually know those. In our case aluminum is one that you should stay away from for sure. Parabens, formaldehydes, sulfates, synthetic fragrances, and it won't just say fragrances on there. So you want to stay away from those things.

And the way that I know that a product is green is do I know what the ingredients are and what I mean by that you know is if we write out Cera Alba, it's beeswax. Like do you know sodium bicarbonate is baking soda?

So, if you know those ingredients and you know what they are chances are, it's green right? Well, there's a couple of variances to that. So what about let's start with the extreme that's the certified organic that’s the top of the top.

I've heard people say well my product is better than certified organic this or that. No, certified organic is certified organic. That's what you pay for for the actual certificate for a product to be certified organic and it has to be 95% organic ingredients.

Some ingredients cannot be found organic. Baking soda is not organic and if it's more than 5% of a formula, guess what? That whole formula cannot be certified organic.

Sometimes organic is not better, shea butter for instance. Some shea butter when organic only has a 6-month shelf life. So you have to question you know when did you get get this, how long has this been sitting in the shell, how long has it been sitting on a shelf at your store or spa and are you able to use it up in enough time.

So, just because it is organic doesn't always make it better. But you are going to be on a better plane if that’s something you guys are looking to a green organic routine. If something that says it is natural or all natural that is absolutely no difference between those two. That is marketing.

So I have seen one of my best example is Lush. Who doesn't love Lush right? And they have a lot of ingredients in there that you would think are all natural and good but Lush does a beautiful job actually if you look at it. It will separate the synthetic ingredients from the natural ingredients and it will tell you, but a lot of people won't look at it so for the most part though, they have great products.

I have to say I use some of their bath bombs. I do. And my kids absolutely love them. So going all natural or going green or just going natural is really all depends on what you want. So being a smart consumer, read the labels. If you know the ingredients that are in there and you are comfortable with it, go for it.

If it is certified organic and needs to have a certification, I don't know if you can see it but right there a little certification right there. If it has that certification of certified organic, chances are you are okay.

But going one extreme to the other are all that great just tried to go a little bit natural one of the best ways to go natural in my opinion besides natural deodorants of course, is soap.

So if you're starting to go on a natural trend and you're wondering where do I begin first? Go with soap get a soap that doesn't have perfumes in it, that has natural scents in it and fragrances and essential oils in it, and you can get it at Whole Foods. It's fairly inexpensive and you use it all over your body every single day so start there. All right guys.

Ira from FREEDOM, Tuesday Talks we do a much longer Instagram talk and I follow up with a Facebook talks, so watch us on Instagram and follow us on FREEDOM deodorant.

We got a lot of great new products coming out by the way our baking soda free deodorant is out. The roll-on is out so check out on our website we are doing a soft release on it so check it out.

It's Coco Van it smells so good like the first day on the beach.

Enjoy your freedom guys!

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