Top 5 Detox Tips from our CEO, Ira Green!

Welcome to Get CEO-Approved: Top 5 Detox Tips from Ira Green! If you’re looking for ways to cleanse your body and reduce toxins, then you’ve come to the right place. Our CEO and founder, Ira Green, knows firsthand how important it is to detox. That’s why she has chosen to share her top five detox tips she uses around the time of her surgeries and as a monthly detox cleanse. Read on to learn more about how Ira detoxes and how you can too!


1. Drink lemon water

Drinking lemon water is a fantastic way to reset your body's PH levels. Lemon water breaks down toxins and excess nutrients in your liver and then eliminates those molecules via your kidney and urine. It is recommended to drink a pint glass in the morning, helping to get rid of toxins from the night before. I like to make my glass right after doing my teeth, then take it back to the bathroom while I finish my morning beauty routine - can't forget to apply my all-natural deodorant! 🤩 Drinking lemon water is ESPECIALLY a great tip for anyone who is currently battling cancer, or sick in general, this is a must-do! When sick, your body becomes on the acidic side of the scale, meaning you drop below a 7 on a scale of 14.


2. Lower alcohol intake

While it can prove difficult for some, avoiding alcohol intake can be vital for your health. In the past years, more research is pointing to alcohol consumption heightens the risk of a cancer diagnosis. Ethanol has been thought to be a cancer-causing agent but of course, alcohol in moderate amounts is believed to not be too impactful to one's health. I have found some awesome non-alcoholic beverages since my breast cancer diagnosis and they taste delicious!


3. Juice cleanse

Juices can be a really helpful way to detox toxins and waste from your body, all while supplying healing nourishment. While going to a store and purchasing bottles of juice can be a good option for anyone with limited time, but I would recommend making some juices at home for the entirety of your detox and keeping them fresh in the fridge! By doing this, you are ensuring your juices are low in sugar, caffeine, and only include ingredients that increase energy!


4. Include high-fiber food in your meals

When eating your meals at nighttime, attempt to work in as many ingredients that are high in fiber as possible - this will help to promote normal bowel function and push out any leftover fatty foods in your body. Some ingredients that I like to include in my dinners are lentil beans, whole grains, avocados, nuts, fresh fruit, and vegetables!


5. Shower with eucalyptus

When detoxing, your body is working hard to push aside anything that could be considered harmful, and/or toxins that are causing us to become bloated and feel unwell. By taking a nice, hot, long shower with eucalyptus, you are promoting the reduction of inflammation related to the sinuses and stress. I love to use Freedom's 100% Eucalyptus Shower Mist instead of real eucalyptus leaves as I have found that they tend to die too quickly for my liking. Our shower mist uses essential oils that will last you up to 30 showers - just turn on the heat, and spray directly into the water before entering. You won't regret it!


Please remember any and all suggestions made by Freedom regarding detoxes should be considered per individuals' health requirements and consult with their doctor before doing anything they are unsure of. These are detox tips that work well for our CEO, Ira Green, and might not be the best recommendations for everyone else.


With love,

- Ira Green

CEO, Founder, and Mom 🎀💗

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