Tips For Performing A Breast Self-Exam

Why It's Important To Perform A Breast Self-Exam 

As you know, I started this company because 3 of my friends were diagnosed with breast cancer all in the same year.

In America, 1 in 8 women are at risk for developing breast cancer.

These women are moms, sisters, friends, co-workers, someone we all know. After I became more aware of the importance of what we put on our skin, I am making it my mission to get everyone healthier one armpit at a time.

While mammograms can help you detect cancer before you feel a lump, I also want to encourage you to do breast self-exams if you’re not doing so already. Understanding and getting familiar with your breasts can help you notice something unusual, such as a lump or skin changes. 

We recommend that you always check in with your doctor but here are some tips you can do at home along with it. Please remember that breast self-exams DO NOT REPLACE routine mammograms.

1. Inspect Your Breasts In The Mirrors

  • First start off with your arms on the side of your hips and look in the mirror to see if they’re any changes in your breast appearance, nipples or skin.
  • Check your nipples in the mirror for any signs of changes such as sores, discharge, or peeling.
  • Put your arms over your head and put your hands together. Then look for any changes in shape or appearance on your breast or nipples.
  • Put your hands on the side of your hips and and stick your chest out to see if there’s any changes in appearance.
  • Lastly, lean forward and roll your shoulders to check for any signs of breast changes.

2. Laying Down On Your Bed

  • Put a pillow under your shoulder and lift your arm behind your head.
  • With the opposite arm, start examining your breast and armpit area in circular motion.
  • You’re going to want to use light to medium pressure.
  • Also feel beneath the nipple for any changes.
  • Then follow the same steps with the opposite side.

3. Sitting or Standing 

  • Use light to medium pressure to feel around your breast area.
  • See if you feel any changes in texture, appearance, shapes, lumps or hardened knots.
  • Put one hand up behind your head, then use the other hand to feel your breast area and up to your collarbone area for any changes. Repeat with reverse directions for the other side.  

    What should you do if you find a lump or notice anything out of the ordinary?

    Cancerous breast lumps are different in shapes, sizes, and densities for everyone. Women's breasts are unique, so it’s important to do breast self-exams so you understand what’s normal for you. If you suddenly feel a lump in your breast, schedule an appointment with your doctor to examine it.

    Posted By Randy Huynh

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