The Perfect Vegan Chocolate Pie for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving dinner with your extended family can be a stressful affair, even if you aren’t the one cooking this year! If you want to make sure that everyone enjoys their meal, check out this recipe for a vegan chocolate pie from Pinch of Yum that will make your dinner memorable in all the right ways. This pie will satisfy even the most devoted meat eaters, and no one will ever guess it’s vegan! Follow these simple instructions and you’ll be serving up smiles in no time!

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For the chocolate pie filling:
12 ounces silken firm tofu
1/2 cup Almond Breeze Chocolate Almond milk
1/2 cup almond butter
12 ounces chocolate chips
flaky sea salt for topping

For the Crust:
Pie crust of your choice! We have provided some ideas for you in the next section.

Filling: In a blender, combine the tofu, almond milk, and almond butter until you get a smooth mixture. Put chocolate chips in a small pot or bowl and melt them in a pot or in the microwave. Add them to a blender along with the other ingredients and blend well until everything has been thoroughly mixed. If the mixture gets a little thick, use a spatula to blend the contents in the bowl between each blend.

To make the chocolate pie, pour the filling into the crust. Then, season with salt (if desired), cover with plastic wrap, and refrigerate for 12-24 hours. On Thanksgiving, cut up and enjoy. Trust me on this, I know how to make you a hero.😉

What makes this dessert delicious is that there is no baking required, leaving the consistency smooth and silky to eat. While many may doubt the tofu in the chocolate cake, do not be wary as it will be what created the thick, creamy base of the cake!

If you are a chocolate lover, like us, then grab yourself a bag of vegan (dairy free) chocolate chips to enhance the flavor!

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