Spring Time Self Care


It’s officially spring and we are all busy, busy, busy! Whether it is the end of your school year, a hectic time at work, or the end of your child’s sports season, there are so many things to fill up your schedule!

Even though things can get hectic, be sure to find time for YOU! Here are some of our favorite ways to practice self care in spring time. 

1.  Get outside! Take a walk or just sit outside and enjoy the fresh air

2. Get away from the screens. Work and life can be stressful but be sure to take time away for yourself. From being on our computers, then phones, and television for entertainment it’s hard to find time to be away from a screen nowadays.

3. Read a new book – learn something new or enjoy a novel! Great way to get off the screens and relax.

4. Meditate! Meditation can be a great way to refocus and help manage stress.

5. Spring cleaning time! Try to empty out a junk drawer or clean out that closet to feel fresh in your space.

6. Treat yourself! Get yourself some flowers or go out for lunch one day. Celebrate yourself and the hard work you’ve been doing.

7. Start a journal – write down the ongoings of your day, get your thoughts out onto paper to feel more relaxed and organized!

We want to hear from you - Share with us what you do to practice self care in the comments! 

Posted By Emma Ferrigni

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