Smell Good + Healthy Benefits

Smell Good + Healthy Benefits

Not only do we leave your underarms smelling fresh all day long but we leave you with health benefits for the long run. 

Putting on deodorant is part of our daily hygiene routines (at least we hope so...unless you were just blessed). That’s one more product that you’re letting absorbed into your skin. However, many store-bought brands contain chemicals that can cause future health risk and chemicals that shouldn’t be put on your skin. 

One of the many benefits of FREEDOM natural deodorant is that we care about your skin and only use ingredients that can even help your health.

Our ingredients make it less possible to cause you skin issues. We don’t use pore-blocking ingredients (such as aluminum) so the good bacteria works better. We don’t go against your body’s natural hormones.

Natural is the new normal. It’s clean, it’s healthier and it’s a no sweat decision (no pun intended). Do a little spring cleanse and make sure all the products on your shelves are natural.

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