Our Friend, The Inspiration: A Tribute to Cindy Emerson

My dear friend Cindy,


She was the first close person that I knew who was diagnosed with breast cancer; in fact, it saved her life. I know that sounds weird, but she always said it.


Let me backtrack... everyone knows I started Freedom when my 3 friends were diagnosed with breast cancer; Cindy was the first, and she beat the heck out of it, but that’s also when they found colon cancer, plus six more cancers that she battled for the last ten years. So if she didn’t find the breast cancer she would not have found the others. This is not the story though ...


When Cindy was diagnosed, I didn’t know anything about cancer - anyone with it, its causes, or means of prevention. Yet through her battle, she helped me explain to my 5-year-old twins that their best friend's Mom will not die, she is a survivor.


Poor Cindy was my Guinea pig for every deodorant I made or bought, and she was the one that called me crying when my formula was perfected, claiming she loved it. She then encouraged me to start Freedom, in hope of helping other stinky women and men, lol. This is where our original formula came from... before transitioning to our newer, eco-friendly packaging. Cindy was incredibly proud of us for making this improvement for the benefit of the environment.


Cindy was my friend, confidant, inspiration, and everything more. She asked me the really hard questions I didn't like, pushed me to strive in the business world, listened to me with personal issues, and was one of the first people I immediately called when I was diagnosed in March of 2021. Who better to call than the woman who beat cancer 6 times? Let me repeat that... SIX TIMES. And worked through the whole thing because as she put it she didn’t have time for cancer..


Unfortunately, cancer recently found her schedule and on March 2nd, Cindy took her final sleep. No more chemo, surgery, radiation, more surgeries, pumps, and pills. Now is the time for Cindy to rest, and I am forever grateful for her showing me true courage, fighting to see her two gorgeous daughters grow to be beautiful women, and ensuring she said her final farewell.


Cindy, you're eternally loved, and forever my idol for showing courage and pushing me to create Freedom. Sleep well my friend, you have earned your wings.


My friend, our muse, and inspiration for FREEDOM

Cindy Enerson

8.21.1971 – 3.2.2023


With love,

- Ira Green

CEO/Founder of Freedom/Mom of 3/Survivor 🎀💗

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