Odor Is Everywhere on Your Body

Odor Is Everywhere on Your Body

Odor is caused when the bacteria that is naturally found on our skin is mixed with sweat. And where do we sweat.... NOT JUST OUR UNDERARMS! 

We sweat EVERYWHERE; from our feet, back, privates, everywhere on our skin. 

And when you can't squeeze in a quick shower anytime you want how do you get rid of odor?

Think about the time you entered someones house and you had to take off your shoes. Or what about the time you're leaving the gym but can't shower since showers are closed... YIKES! Or maybe you have a hot date and you quickly needed to freshen up down there.

These things can happen to us everyday and our "shower in a bottle" was made for a quick fix like this. 

Our Everywhere Deodorant Spray is formulated to eliminate odor AND the bacteria that causes it in just a few spritz. This is the most safe, effective formula that's good for your skin.

Our skin is the largest organ on our body, so using natural ingredients is the best way to go - especially when you're using it on sensitive areas. 

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