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Early detection saved my life. I was only 44 with no genetic history. Diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer to the auxiliary node. Triple neg with an alarming growth rate. When they found it I was stage 1 and by the time they got me into chemotherapy, I was in stage 3. If I had waited until I felt something wrong, I wouldn’t have made it. 
  • 18 chemotherapy treatments
  • 32 radiation treatments
I went with the highest dose of chemo I could stand. With the help of good friends and family, I made it. I just hit my 3 year clear mark.
At my 3 month check on August 14, (I go every 3 months alternating mammograms and MRIs) I came across your deodorant and I could’ve cried. It actually works and smells great and my doctor is happy to let me use it. I prefer the roll-on and the spray because my scar is in a funky place and the roll-on makes that contact easy. Thank you so much for your product. I would seriously be lost without it. 
I encourage every woman to get screened. After my diagnosis I grabbed my sister's face and said "I know it’s been years but please go...  go today for me...," and she did. She was fine. I am the story that sends every woman in my life to the doctor for early detection. I survived and so will every woman in my life, because they get checked. Much love to all the women in your life. I hope you and they are all well. Thank you for your contribution. It’s made all the difference in my life. 
Stephanie A.
This month, we are donating $1 for every product to The Caring Place, which serves as a complement to medical treatment by providing a healing center for adults diagnosed with cancer. Services include reiki, yoga, stress management, massage, wellness seminars, nutrition classes, support groups, and even more.
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Posted By Ira Kaganovsky

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