Is Your Sweat Happy and Healthy or Dark and Vengeful?

If you take a quick look at the product you’re using on your underarms and you see “antiperspirant” you need to know that it is an Over-the-Counter drug! Yikes. (Check the facts on

The FDA classifies it as such because antiperspirants prevent you from sweating. How is that possible? Well, they usually use many aluminum-based ingredients that plug up and block your sweat glands.

Imagine this: You’re a droplet of sweat that just spent a lifetime traveling through a person’s body to finally make it to their underarms. Excitement fills each sweat cell as you see the white light ahead. The time has come; your journey was important and now relief is near. You are on the last push and you are staying strong because those few seconds are the most important. Almost there! Closer and closer you get while finally feeling at peace. Then, BANG. You hit a wall. With no chance of escape, you lose your purpose in life. The negative realization is so strong that your sweat cells become black, separate and evaporate into the skin cells of the human, determined to wreak havoc for an eternity of revenge.

Pimples, in-grown hairs, rashes and irritations are all examples of how those angry sweat cells wreak havoc. (Check the facts on

The worst-case scenario is the continual blockage of sweat glands which could potentially lead to other serious conditions because of the aluminum-based ingredients. (More research found on and U.S. National Library of Medicine

Let’s make this easy and mutually agree that antiperspirants are not worth the risk. Buy a deodorant instead and go for all-natural. You will never have to worry again when using a natural deodorant product.  

With all the natural deodorants to choose from, you will find one that works for your skin and body type.

We’ve got you covered.


Brianna Florian

Freedom Natural Deodorant

Posted By Alfredo Cifuentes

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