How To Go Natural!

How To Go Natural!

What is detoxing? Here's a little video on going natural and what to expect!



Want to know more? Here are a few helpful hints:

  • Patch test a small area on your forearm to check for sensitivity. You could have a sensitivity to baking soda or your body might be adapting to the natural formula.
  • Try our sensitive unscented first!!! I know you like the scents, but be kind to your underarms during the transition.
  • If you have the beginnings of a rash, use apple cider vinegar. Drink a shot of it and then rub some into your underarms.
  • With painful and lumpy lymph nodes warm compress, dry brush and massage the area to aid in the filtering process.
  • Rub a little alcohol into the area to disinfect any rash or discomfort.
  • Use an underarm detox mask. These can easily be found online… Charcoal or mud are the best.
  • Warm apple cider vinegar compresses work wonders!
  • Drink more water to flush out the toxins faster.
  • Get sweaty! We are supposed to sweat… sweating is great for us!
  • Be careful when shaving. Our pits are delicate. Don’t use a dull or discolored razor! Change to a new clean blade as often as possible.
  • Apply deodorant when your underarms are dry for better effectiveness

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