Simple & Effective Ways to Detoxify Your Body at Home Naturally!

Imagine plugging a garden hose with a cork and leaving the water on. The water is still running, but the natural flow is blocked. Now, imagine plugging your sweat glands with antiperspirant toxins. You were still sweating: now it's all coming out. You're going through the underarm detox. Switching to FREEDOM has given your body the chance to breathe and unplug (literally).

Understandin Detoxification

Understanding Detoxification

Detoxification is about cleansing your body from the inside out. Remember: detoxing your body in a natural way allows you to eliminate harmful toxins from your body and allow it to engage in normal processes, like sweating.

Fun Fact: Did you know that detoxification has been practiced for centuries including ancient Chinese medicine systems and traditional healing practices from India.


Tip #1: Give your underarms a DIY Day Spa

Now is the time to pamper your often neglected underarms to help speed up the detox process. Here are the Freedom Family’s Top Tips.

  • Exfoliate your underarms by dry brushing. This is a fantastic way to encourage declogging the sweat pores and draining the lymph nodes.
  • Use an apple cider vinegar and warm water compress to soothe tender lymph nodes.
  • Try a charcoal or mud mask to speed up the detox; it’s not just good for your face. It’s good for your underarms, too!
  • Use Freedom every other day until your body has adjusted
  • Don't apply Freedom to freshly shaved underarms: the blade leaves skin more vulnerable than usual.
  • Try our Sensitive Unscented Deodorant. It's gentle on skin but tough on odor.
  • The old adage less is more is new with our natural formula: a couple of swipes is all you need.


Tip #2: Let’s Get Physical

According to the US National Library of Medicine, physical exercise has many health benefits:

  • It can help your body better excrete toxins and burn fat more effectively.
  • Physical activity contributes to the primary and secondary prevention of several chronic diseases
  • Is associated with a reduced risk of premature death
  • Increases energy
  • Makes your release chemicals called endorphins, which trigger a positive feeling to your body. (Think of it as your body making you feel good for taking care of it.)

    Bonus Tip: Hit the sauna for a low energy sweat sesh.

    If you’re unable to do physical exercise due to an injury or disability. Hitting the sauna is an excellent alternative that also provides plenty of health benefits


    Tip #3: Stay hydrated

    Drinking water will flush the body of toxins and in general, reduce body odor. Staying hydrated allows your cellular machinery to stay operating at peak performance. Always aim for properly filtered water to avoid added toxins

    Fun fact: Did you know that your body is composed of 60% water? Now do you see why water is so imperative for your health?


    Tip #4 Choose products that don’t contain toxic ingredients

    Are all deodorants food-grade like Freedom? That’s right. Freedom is so clean, you could eat it. The reality is most people are unaware that they are potentially subjecting themselves to many serious health consequences when using deodorants and antiperspirants with aluminum, parabens, phthalates, and more. Our goal at FREEDOM is to help you become aware of these harmful ingredients in deodorants

    Start enjoying your FREEDOM today by Switching to Natural and Cruelty-Free Personal Care Products. 


    Posted By Ira Kaganovsky

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