How much has Freedom donated in 2022? Over $30,000 USD!

Happy New Years Warriors!

Ira, the CEO and Founder of Freedom, here to share our incredibly exciting news!

At Freedom, we’re proud to have given back in both cash and product donations in the year of 2022. We believe in creating an impact and are dedicated to helping out our community in any way that we can. Today, we want to share with you just how much we’ve donated this year - an incredible amount of over $30,000! Read on to learn more about our donations and how you can help us continue our mission of giving back. 

Our donation to Ukraine was very personal to me - I was born in Kyiv, Ukraine, and moved to America when I was young. It hurt when the news broke about world events this year, and I knew I had to do something to help.
In March, we pledged that every time our warriors ordered from Freedom, we would add products to our shipment to Ukraine. In May of this year, we were able to send a HUGE shipment with over 50 boxes of products to those affected (see pic below)! I was so thrilled to be trying to do my part.
We sent a variety of products to charities in Ukraine during this time, but the most requested items were individually packaged sanitization wipes! Since a lot of the sanitation areas had been either blown up or cut off to the public, this was incredibly helpful. We still have some left if you would like some, too! Get yours here! 🤩
In April of 2022, at age 48, I received the same diagnosis as my three friends did several years ago now - breast cancer. It was a really tough time for me, especially because I knew a lot of big decisions were coming my way. I started my treatment and began sharing my story extensively through social media in hopes of helping other women fighting the same battle.
Throughout the year and especially in October, we made some donations to charities that help women fighting breast cancer. The biggest one that meant the most to me was a donation of several thousand dollars to Making Strides for breast cancer research at the Las Vegas walk in October.
After beating cancer in September of 2022, this was my first time walking as a survivor! 🎀💗 This meant a lot to me, and I can honestly say it felt different. I was so proud of myself for recently becoming a survivor and being able to donate/support other warriors - fighting their battle or thriving and surviving, I am there for them. Click here to see all the fun we had that day!
For Freedom, this was a really big accomplishment to be able to donate over $30,000 to different places around the world which mean a lot to me.
In the upcoming year, I can only hope to make bigger and better donations to places that mean as much to me.
Remember, a portion of every purchase always goes towards supporting breast cancer warriors - find your freedom today!
With love,
- Ira,
CEO/ Founder/ Survivor 🎀💗
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