How I found out I had Breast Cancer

The Lump and How I Found It.

I had regular mammograms every six to twelve months and five biopsies over the last 7 years... But that is not how I found the tumor.

I felt a lump on the top right part of my breast. It was like a small pea - small and hard and it kept growing. But where was it on my mammogram? It wasn't there.

Why? because of my dense breasts...

40% of women in America have dense breasts. The biggest tumors will be missed on a mammogram if you have dense breasts, I should know mine was the size of golf ball and you couldn't see it.... I advocated but a little late as my tumor had grown to the size of a golf ball and my doctors actually think it had been there possibly 1-2 years. That’s multiple mammograms. This is why it’s so important to know your breast and get ultrasounds after every mammogram if you have dense breasts. Push your doctor to send in the order.

Be your advocate.

OC Breast wellness has a great machine that is a broader ultrasound as well! If you are in So-Cal reach out to them (

Do your self breast exam at least 1 time per month, get your regular mammograms and demand an ultrasound if you have dense breast tissue.

Posted By Emma Ferrigni

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