Happy First Night of Hanukkah: Make These Delicious Potato Latkes

Hi warriors! Ira, CEO and Founder of Freedom, here to share It's the first night of Hanukkah, and what better way to celebrate than with a warm plate of homemade potato latkes?
This traditional recipe has been in my family for five generations of Jewish moms and has become a staple of our Hanukkah celebrations. It has even become so popular in our house that we make it throughout the year (we had them a few times this month already🤪). There's nothing like the smell of these crispy latkes, so let's get cooking!
I even made Latkes today with my three daughters! Check out the pictures at the bottom of this page.
Before we get started, have you heard Freedom's story of Hanukkah? We love Adam Sandlers song, but this version of the tale is a little better in our opinion...
In ancient times, the Temple had a menorah with seven branches that burned oil. At that time, Jews were not allowed to enter the Temple until Maccabees successfully retook it from King Antiochus. Despite limited oil, the menorah burned for eight days on the night of the rededication of the Temple to the Jewish people. The current Hanukkah celebration lasts eight days, in honor of the miracles that occurred so long ago.
With Freedom, you'll always have enough oil, which is why our full-size 100% pure eucalyptus spray will last for 60 showers! Or our travel-sized eucalyptus spray will create a pure shower experience for 30 showers! In the shower, who doesn't want to create an oasis of relaxation?
'Latkes' is yiddish for "pancake" - a potato pancake fried in oil (which is absolutely delicious). It only takes a few ingredients and short steps to whip up latkes as either a side dish or a special treat on a random day!
Back to our super special version of Freedom's latkes...
As we said, this recipe has been passed down for the past five generations, but this is all we got!
Step 1: Peel and grate potatoes
Step 2: Add salt, pepper, and eggs and mix
Step 3: Fry in pan in shape of patties until golden brown on both sides!
Step 4: Enjoy!
The best way (in our opinion) to enjoy this recipe is hot and fresh, right out of the oven! A favorite add-on in our household is to put a dollop sour cream (I prefer light but my family likes the full-fat version) right on top - it's worth the risk of burning your mouth!
Another traditional way to enjoy latkes is with applesauce - while this isn't the go-to in our house, try it out and let us know what you think!
With love, and Happy Hanukkah!
CEO/Founder: Ira Green xoxo
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