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We’re taught at a young age to be cautious with what we eat – watch out for toxic chemicals in our food, but why are beauty products so easily ignored? Taking into consideration that using these chemicals on our bodies every day, them becoming a major part of our daily routine, isn’t it just as bad? Maybe even more harmful to our body? YES!! Our bodies consume everything.

The goal is to be healthy, but look beautiful… Simple, right? As a woman, I can tell you that it’s not. The easy part is browsing beauty stores, a full hour passing by and I’m still not sure which mascara or foundation to buy. We are given endless options nowadays, but are they all healthy for us? No.

Insert Paige Padgett. Does the name sound familiar? Paige is the woman who helped revolutionize the beauty industry by going green. We were blessed with the opportunity to speak with Paige just yesterday and pick her brilliant brain. How does one make the jump to going natural, not only for themselves but their celebrity clients to? In Paige’s case, she started by switching out their designer cosmetics with healthier alternatives. While that may sound like the norm nowadays, we’re talking about this happening in 2006 when all-green makeup was unheard of. But it worked and she proved the skeptics wrong by creating beautiful faces with safe products!

Now the leader in green beauty, Paige says, "I believe in pretty, not parabens. I believe in high performance makeup without the environmental price."

One book later, and currently in the process of launching her own line of vegan matte lipsticks, she has succeeded in her mission! I’ve browsed her website ( and signed up for the prerelease… I am going to confess that I’m more than excited to try her liquid lip suede that is not only safe & vegan, it’s also 100% food grade and edible. Oh, and it smells like cake!!

What really got me about Paige though was not the fact that she has been in the beauty industry for so long (an impressive 20 years as a makeup artist in Los Angeles) but how personable she is. I love seeing badass women who have dominated their industry and are still so kind & humble. If you’re still hesitant about making the change in going green with your beauty cosmetics, I urge you to check out her book, “The Green Beauty Rules.” Learn what to try, what to toss, and what to buy with this clean beauty bible. Change is hard at first, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end!

We share a similar vision at Freedom Deodorant. That's why we started a our line of all natural, aluminum-free deodorants that really work! We've even created a baking soda free formula for sensitive skin! What are you waiting for? 

Posted By Gianna DeMaria

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