Funky smell?

Funky smell?

Due to popular beliefs, sweating itself doesn't cause odor. Body odor is actually caused by bacteria that lives on sweaty areas of the body. We all know that odor can come from other places such as your feet, thighs, or private area.

This can be a little embarrassing when you're on the go and can't quickly jump in the shower. 

Before rubbing some creams on with harsh chemicals, or worst, prescription drugs to get rid of body odor, switch to our Everywhere Deodorant Spray.

Our advanced formula actually ELIMINATES the bacteria on your skin in just a few spritz. Just spray and go without having to rub your hands all over your body to make sure it absorbs in the skin. 

Odor goes beyond the underarms, and we want to make sure that not only are you just eliminating the odor, but you're also eliminating bacteria, and your skin is absorbing safe ingredients

Anywhere and everywhere you go, we've got you covered with your odor essentials.

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