Freedom Survived the Depths of Jungles

Freedom Survived the Depths of Jungles
We asked for our friends to share photos and videos putting FREEDOM to the test!
Kevin and Sue, our favorite couple from Australia took the FREEDOM test to the next level. They brought it with them to Nepal!
There, they trekked the Annapurna Circuit which is a 100-141 mile stretch on the Annapurna Mountain of Nepal. Mid-hike, Sue took a whiff of Kevin's armpits. No stink at all!
They also went paragliding while in Nepal, then onto a River Croc Safari.
Did you know? Extremely skilled para-gliders can use paragliding as a method of long-distance travel. William Gadd, for example, holds the record for longest para-flight at 263 miles.
Video of Kevin and Sue Using Freedom in Nepal
After winding down, Kev & Sue shared a drink of wine and took another whiff of Kevin's underarms - still no stink. Freedom survived Nepal! Check out the video to see these two in action!
Send us your travel photos and videos using Freedom and we WILL feature you! Just don't forget to grab your Freedom before you go.
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