Do you know how to apply natural deodorant?


You’ve been applying it wrong for years!

Do you know how to apply deodorant? Are you ready for some mind blowing facts?

Growing up, we’re taught how to brush our teeth (2 min, 4 quadrants, and don’t swallow the toothpaste), how to brush our hair (though my daughter Stella still refuses and looks like she is attacking her head every time), and to wash our faces every PM and AM (yes, ladies never go to bed with makeup on unless you want to look like Courtney Love the next morning), but no one ever taught us how to apply deodorant (FYI you don’t just put on half the stick at once). Here is your lesson for the day.

 How to apply deodorant (at least the natural kind):

  1. A little goes a long way! Two swipes is all you need. Sorry guys, you don’t need half the bottle; and I know it’s the guys that do this!
  2. Move your arms back and forth a couple times and your body heat will warm it up to melt into your skin. It’s coconut oil and shea butter (just like a lotion) so you don’t want it to just sit on the surface.
  3. If there is excess, rub it in to your skin with your fingers or with the top of the stick, this helps it NOT to transfer on your clothes.
  4. Don’t apply right after shaving, give your body at least 15 min to heal. Shaving gives you small cuts and exfoliates the skin so you will be a bit sensitive.
  5. Remember that deodorant is not an antiperspirant so you WILL SWEAT but you won’t stink!
  6. Last but not least, if you have sensitive skin patch test first and start with our Sensitive Baking Soda Free Coco Van or the Sensitive Unscented! Give your body a couple of days to adjust as it comes off the toxins from regular antiperspirant and readjusts back to it’s normal pH.

You’re welcome! You’re officially mind blown!

Now go find your FREEDOM!

With love and light,

Freedom CEO and founder, Ira


PS. Want an awesome extra tip??!!

If you do get deodorant on your clothes you can easily get it out by rubbing it gently with a pair of tights or stockings.

    Posted By Ira Kaganovsky

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