Lavender Citrus Inspired DIY Candle

Lavender Citrus Inspired DIY Candle

Sometimes, you don’t have time to aimlessly search store after store for just the right gift—kind of like our Founder Ira. She searched store after store for an effective all-natural deodorant aimlessly.

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Thankfully, gift-giving success can be achieved by making the things we can’t find easily. Freedom was once a DIY gift from Ira to her friend Cindy who was battling breast cancer at the time. So, why not DIY your holiday gifts? If you love our Lavender Citrus deodorants, keep reading for a Lavender Candle DIY tutorial to make an awesome all-natural candle that anyone would love!

Step 1: Center the wick in your preferred, fire-safe container using a wick-setter or by tying the wick to a pencil and suspending it by the opening of the container, then weighing the bottom of the wick down using a glob of hot glue.

The Best Lavender Natural Deodorant

Step 2: Melt wax cubes into a cup based on the desired size of the candle. You can melt in a pot over low heat, or in 30-second intervals in the microwave.

Step 3: Add essential oils to the wax and mix slowly to combine

FACT CHECK: Freedom Natural Deodorant in Lavender Citrus uses naturally-made essential oils only and always to produce a floral spa-in-a-stick. Check out our Lavender Citrus products!

Step 4: Pour into the candle container and let the wax harden. Trim the wick to a quarter inch in length and you’ve got your own DIY candle!


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