Bergamot Mint-Inspired DIY Bath Bomb

The holiday season is equal parts joyful and stressful. Trust me, I know. Thankfully (seriously, thank god) winter vacation is soon and we can take a breath of fresh, cold air! Until then, we all have to find ways to decompress from work, gift shopping, and in-laws-coming-to-town stress. One of my favorite ways to unwind is with a warm peppermint bath. Peppermint essential oils are amazing for relaxation, stress relief, and even headache relief. Here is my favorite DIY Peppermint Bath Bomb Recipe inspired by Freedom's Bergamot Mint Deodorant! These are sooo easy to make and smell fantastic. The best part? Following this DIY, you’ll end up with about 10 bath bombs. That means you can treat yourself more than once, and even treat some of your friends!

Step 1: Mix together the baking soda and citric acid in one bowl, and the Peppermint Essential Oil and Jojoba Oil in another. I personally like to use Nature’s Truth Peppermint Essential Oil, but you can use whatever you like.

DID YOU KNOW? Freedom's Bergamot Mint uses naturally extracted Peppermint Essential Oil for the cool mint scent you love!

Step 2: Pour the combined oils into the baking soda/citric acid mixture. Mix until well-combined.

Peppermint Bath Bomb next to Peppermint Hot Chocolate Against Pink Background

Step 3: Use water in a spray bottle to spritz the surface of the peppermint mixture. Don’t spray too much, though! It should feel a little like damp sand and it should keep its shape when pressed or molded.

FACT CHECK: I like using natural essential oils for fragrance because synthetic fragrances contain some ingredients that have scary harmful effects! 

Step 4: Pack the mixture into the mold of your choosing (for a fun holiday twist, try silicon candy cane molds). Immediately after molding, flip them out and onto a tea towel or paper towel. Let it dry overnight and voila! You’ve got your own homemade bath bomb. Now, get to the tub and start relaxing.

Finish off your peppermint bath with a Bergamot Mint deodorant, spray, or lip balm to keep the relaxation going all day long.

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Posted By Rae Lacanlale

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