Benefits of Yoga

Yoga can be very intimidating if you’re a newbie. You might have seen someone put their legs behind their head and thought to yourself…”NOPE, NOT FOR ME!” And if you think yoga might not be for you, then I hope after once you read about all the health benefits, you might want to reconsider. 

Yoga is an ancient practice dating back to thousands of years. Yoga isn’t only good for the body, but it’s designed to help your mind and soul. It helps you achieve a more positive outlook on life. 

If you live a very hectic, busy lifestyle, perhaps adding yoga into your daily routine is the solution you need to find some peace and clarity. Studies have shown that yoga can reduce your cortisol levels, also known as your stress hormone.  

Here are the benefits you reap by simply adding yoga to your daily routine.

  1. Improve Flexibility and Mobility.
    You don’t have to be flexible or strong to start. Starting off with 10 minutes a day can increase your body’s flexibility.
  2. Reconnecting With Your Mind and Body.
    You’ll connect your body movement to your breathing. You challenge your body to go into deeper poses and this will get you to be more in tune with your body to understand it.
  3. Increasing your mental and physical strength.
    You’ll gain a lot of physical strength benefits once you start practicing different levels of techniques. Yoga challenges you to focus in the moment and in your stretch will help alleviate stress and clear your mind.
  4. Reduce Stress
    Yoga helps promote relaxation because it focuses on breathing, poses, and meditation. It helps lower your blood pressure which in return decreases stress levels.
  5. Become More Mindful
    Practicing yoga helps cultivate a deeper understanding of the self. You practice being present in the moment and have an abundance of appreciation to the life you’re living.
Posted By Randy Huynh

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