Be Careful What You Wish For: Life Can Change In The Blink Of An Eye

Warriors, we often find ourselves wishing for a better life, more money, or a new job. It's easy to forget that life can change in an instant - for better or worse. Life is unpredictable and what we wish for today might not be what we want tomorrow. In this blog post, I'll be discussing why it's important to be careful what you wish for, as life can change in the blink of an eye.


This blog places us a short while after creating our main scent line of eco-friendly natural deodorants


Chemo, oh chemo, while you robbed me of my thin, lifeless hair and then replaced it with gorgeous, brown thick curls? Wow! Be careful what you wish for... right?


Looking back several years ago now, I realize my breasts showed a history of breastfeeding three children... in fact, I went to see some plastic surgeons about a breast augmentation surgery more times than I care to share. I was not a fan of my chest; they were big but saggy, lumpy from all angles, and just looked plain weird. My friends even made comments… I was not a fan. Then, they tried to kill me! I had always wished for new boobs - but not the way it happened.


Be careful what you wish for…. 


Now, let's talk about my old hair. It was so thin and limp that I attempted a perm on many occasions, with the hope of adding any life back to it. I even had a woman put my head in an oven to heat the curlers before placing them in my hair, but nope! Nothing worked for 48 years. I always wished for new hair - but never this way.


Be careful what you wish for…. 


I was diagnosed with lobular breast cancer in March of 2022, leading to a personal choice to move forward with a double mastectomy - a decision my doctor thanked me for. This type of breast cancer is sneaky... sooo sneaky that it was not visible on the mammogram, and only a little piece showed on the MRI scan. When they operated, I was told afterward that it was everywhere... like 10 cm! That is considered a monster! My surgeon, Dr. Terhar, got it all, but it was huge! Chemo and radiation were no-brainers; I was scheduled for weeks worth of intense sessions over the next weeks.


I shaved my hair a little while later, and had a faux hawk that looked SO cool!! This was a truly emotional moment where my kids and husband became my emotional rocks, even helping to take the electric shaver to my head at points! In the beginning, I thought, "You know what, I probably won't lose my hair, I look way too cool to lose it..." wrong! But hey, I have new boobs... wrong...


None of my wishes are coming true... WTF? 


Chemo was not as horrible as I expected from the horror stories I had heard, but losing the hair was a lot stronger of an emotional toll than I thought it would be. Mentally, every time I looked in the mirror, I didn’t recognize myself. Thank goodness for micro-blading, as it became my only solution to keeping my eyebrows! All my other hair was gone... from my eyelashes to my down-there hair, I was hairless and as smooth as a baby's butt! I saved a ton of $$$ on waxing treatments, but I still didn’t recognize the woman staring back at me...


Then my fake boobs tried to kill me as well. WTF?


After having six surgeries, and already being scheduled for a few more shortly, I should have the boobs of a 30-year-old!! Well, at least one of them turned out great but they are now different sizes from the radiation and multiple infections. Throughout all my procedures, my skin has now become destroyed and will only hold a small implant. Boobs are meant to be like sisters and not twins, right? Lol.


Be careful what you wish for… 


My hair started to grow back, and at first, it was white, wispy, and sparse. Man, I was gutted. Depression became a daily struggle when it turned grey; the texture turned lighter than the prior hair and looked BAD. Then it started to turn brown and thick?! What was going on...


Fast forward a few months and now it is curly, thick, and becoming the hair I have always wished for. It really is gorgeous; while everyone wants me to keep it short (it's giving complete Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina movie vibes!), a part of me truly wants to see it continue to flourish.


All of a sudden, I am now a confident woman with smaller, perky boobs and thick, curly hair. I recently realized it's everything I wished for... what a shitty way to get my wish, but I am surviving, thriving and looking for the silver lining.


Yes, breast cancer has a silver lining, but please be careful what you wish for…


With love,


- Ira Green

CEO/Founder/Mom of 3 🎀💗

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