5 Important Seals to See Before Buying Deodorant

Have you ever seen deodorants with “free of this” markings? If you have and you are wondering what they mean… we’re going make it easy by giving you the five seals that you definitely DO want to find on your health products!

What we are putting on our bodies is just as important as what we put into them. As a natural deodorant company, we know the importance of steering clear from products with harmful ingredients. The easy way to do that, is to find companies that honor these safe ingredient practices. 

Aluminum Free

When you find a deodorant that is marked aluminum free, you need to know that you will sweat. Deodorant is meant to eliminate smell, not stop a biological function of your body that serves a purpose. Sweating is good, and it is natural. The FDA has labeled antiperspirants as an Over-The-Counter Drug because the main ingredient is aluminum. No one wants stains in their underarms but, is the risk of applying an antiperspirant that is drug-based worth it? Finding a deodorant that is aluminum free will ease your mind from any possible risks of using an antiperspirant.

Paraben Free

Parabens are a mix of synthetic compounds designed to increase the shelf life of products. Having a longer shelf life is nice, but the down side to extra parabens in a product is the increase in estrogen. High estrogen levels could greatly increase the risk of breast cancer, according to Scientific American. Ladies, have you ever taken a birth control pill that makes you feel crazy? Did you find out later that the pill had a high amount of estrogen? Imagine that in congruence with an antiperspirant that has a high level of parabens…

Phthalates Free

If you cannot pronounce the ingredients, you should not buy it nor should you apply it. A phthalates free mark is typically accompanied with an ingredient list that is easy to read and understand. These products cannot hide their ingredients behind a word such as fragrance, which is commonly used to disguise ingredients destructive to human health. Phthalates are an overall risk, according to the U.S. National Library of Medicine. Look for this label but don’t leave it at that. Make sure to flip the product over and read the ingredient list.

Leaping Bunny

Look for the Leaping Bunny seal on your products to know that animals were not used to test the product results or the ingredients. Leaping Bunny holds companies to a higher standard and asks for a pledge (or a promise) to never test ingredients or final products on animals. Companies that are Leaping Bunny certified are open to independent audits to help ensure that they keep their promise.


Environmental Working Group is also holding companies accountable. EWG provides insight into your cosmetics by using ingredient safety ratings. They are rating products based upon categories such as: overall hazard, cancer, developmental & reproductive toxicity, allergies & immunotoxicity, and use restrictions. EWG determines a score based upon the tally count of each ingredient in a product. They also score on the availability of scientific research that can be used to back up claims. Any products that score with 1 (lowest risk factor) in ingredients and a high level of documentation that has researched claims, become verified.

An EWG Verified™ seal means the product you are looking at is one of the cleanest products in comparison to the thousands of products in the EWG database.

This is a rating, not a label. Still using Degree? Check it’s rating on www.ewg.org

There are a million ways to claim a product is clean, but only a few ways to prove it. Verifying such claims is easy when the ingredients and manufacturing practices are transparent. Freedom Natural Deodorant started all-naturally in our kitchen, and now we are bringing it to your underarms. Are you ready to find your freedom?

We’ve got you covered.


Brianna Florian

Freedom Natural Deodorant

Posted By Alfredo Cifuentes

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