21 Organic Beauty Products Everyone Should Try Mention

21 Organic Beauty Products Everyone Should Try Mention

Thank you to Ceanna Chapman for listing FREEDOM Natural Deodorant as her 21 essential items.

"This may be TMI but… I have a TERRIBLE time finding a good deodorant! I have tried men’s, women’s and clinical strength deodorant and can never quite find one I like 100 percent. I have also heard dangerous deodorant stories so I have decided nothing is safe anymore. That was until I learned about FREEDOM deodorant! This deodorant is aluminum free. That means it is safe for women to use. Moving on: as a part of my other job, I work in a stock room moving boxes, running around and flinging flinging myself to get boxes to the top shelf. This work can get pretty hard and I don’t have time to be smelly or reapply deodorant. With Freedom deodorant, I don’t have either of these problems! They have natural scents, such as lavender citrus and bergamot mint. They also have a “Sensitive unscented” if you have sensitive skin. 🙂 Great deodorant, great coverage, great scents!"
-Ceanna Chapman

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