First off, I am SO happy with this stuff. I first bought the lavender scented stick, but apparently it didn't agree with my skin. I think it was a mixture of razor burn and application. They then sent me a free replacement for the unscented version...and WOW! I ultimately stayed away from unscented deodorants because I thought I would just smell weird, but this is the best deodorant I've had after a year+ of being antiperspirant free. I will not buy anything but THIS stuff from now on. I did have to suffer a burning armpit for a day to find the right stuff, but it was worth it.
Awesome customer service from the seller! Awesome product! :D

~ Michelle

I decided to use natural deodorant when I got pregnant 4 years ago. Bluntly - I stink! I always have to freshen up a few times a day so I don't smell. I'm embarrassed, but I decided I don't care because I want to be healthy. I read the review on this and was nervous I would break out like some did. I ordered the peach and It smells more like sorbet. I'm very sensitive to smells and this is light and wonderful! I actually look forward to putting it on. It was not tough to put on, but maybe in the winter in would be. I did not break out at all. For the first time EVER I don't smell! I attended a wedding recently and danced like a crazy fool and only smelled a little by the end of the night. I wore a black dress and it did flake a little, but not a big deal. I even wake up still smelling like peach which means this works all day and night. I couldn't be happier with this product!!! I don't mind paying more for a product that works...saving me time and embarrassment. I'm a very busy working Mom of two who hardly has time so writing a review is a big deal for me! Thank you for this product!

~ KP

I purchased an additional deodorant stick so that I could keep one in my bathroom and the other in the string bag I took while getting radiation treatment.

~ Smitty

I wore it to Disneyland in the summer, playing tennis, even an outdoor music festival in Palm Springs - it works! Now my husband wears it too.

~ Bri


I've been using your deodorant for 6 months and love it! For years I've been using drugstore big name brands that claims to be all natural or organic and for years I've continue to have an odor when I sweat. I've blamed it on my sensitive health until I came across Freedom deodorant! No more do I have an odor when I sweat, I stay fresh all day and your product works so well I even brought some for my son and family! Especially love the one for men which I use it works amazingly even for a woman!! Thank you so much for creating great natural products!!

~ Ivy

It only takes a very small amount of Freedom deodorant to keep me smelling fresh all day long. I exercise daily, and cannot compliment this product enough. It is worth every penny that you spend to buy this product, and it lasts much longer.

~ Chris

I wanted to let you know that I LOVE your products, and I'm so happy with them thus far. I've been trying various natural deodorants for years, and each one has always eventually caused problems with my skin... I have atopic dermatitis (eczema), which makes my skin super sensitive, and your Sensitive deodorant has been the first one that hasn't caused any issues. I've been using it for a couple months now, and it has been great! I also use the body spray for my body and home to add a nice, light fragrance that doesn't bother my skin or allergies. I really appreciate the natural ingredients in this product and all the tips you provide to customers for dealing with the switch to natural deodorant. It really is a big change for the body, but it's a positive one, and I'm so happy with it. I'll definitely be reordering to make sure I'm stocked up!

~ Erica


Ok, this is the best deodorant I have ever used and I have been using natural deodorants for over 20 years now.

~ Diana L.

I've noticed a few differences in my mood, which I'm not sure is related, but I feel happier, probably because I'm more confident.

~ Marie

I really like this deodorant. I have been looking for a natural deodorant for awhile and tried out some others that didn't work too well but this one did. I tried the little ones out first then ordered the regular sized. When I initially received it the product it was defective as it would not allow me to turn the bottom to use the product. The company emailed me to see how I liked the product and I told them about the issue. They replied within a day or two then rushed a replacement product to me within the next couple of days with a personally written post card thanking me for my business. Not too many companies will go through that for their customers these days. They definitely created a longtime customer.

~ Amazon Customer

After I was diagnosed with 3 different types of cancer in a period of 4 months, I made changes to the products I used on my body. I tried many different and expensive all natural & chemical free products, but none of them worked all the time. Ever since a friend of mine gave me a sample of this product, I have never used anything else. It is just wonderful! My husband uses it, and I have given it away as gifts to many other people now. This deodorant is AMAZING.

~ Cindy (Cancer Survivor)

I want to tell you my opinion on your deodorant. I’m a bit embarrassed to say this but since it’s helpful I’m going to be as open as possible…..I sweat easily and heavily and have a fairly strong odor when I do! Even my family has mentioned it before. Imagine my horror! Since researching commercial deodorant several years ago I’ve been on a constant search to find a natural one that actually works! None have proved themselves worthy. HOWEVER, WITH GREAT TRIUMPH AND JOY I CAN OFFICIALLY CLAIM, SURVIVE & THRIVE FREEDOM STICK ACTUALLY W O R K S!!! I put that in all caps because I want to share how excited I am! I took it to California to try out while I was hiking, No Stink! I used it on the plane ride home (sweating all the while), No Stink! I tested it while running and playing with my kids in the hot sun, No STINK!! I’m in love. I’ve been bragging to my husband about it! To be confident that I’m not going to smell almost makes me tear up. It’s that serious (and embarrassing) yet true!

~ Jamie Montgomery

Omg! I love this stuff! I am so happy I found it! I workout hard everyday at the gym so I sweat a lot. I stop using deorderants and antiperspirant that has aluminium due to possible health risk. I have tried multiple natural deorderants but none of them work for me for as much as I sweat, until now, this deordrant has a light smell but fades away after awhile but trust me it really keeps you from smelling bad, and it last all day, I apply I one application and I can go all day and swear too and nothing no smell at all. This deordant is wonderful! I even order thee cute little travel size to throw in my gym bag!

~ Brittany

I have all of my life had rashes in my under arms after a long day at work or school or wherever I'd gone home and have this insane itch to scratch and I always thought that it was due to the sweat from the day to day but the itch was driving me insane and my skin is so sensitive I'd bleed. Yes, this may seem like TMI but I need to let you all know because I had it bad until I found this all natural deodorant for sensitive skin. This has been my life savior no more reddish bumps no more rash no more itch my under arms thank me everyday!!

~ Triana


I have tried many aluminum free deodorants in my 50 plus years and this is the first one that works. By that I mean there is no odor or wetness! I work out daily, taking Zumba, Yoga, weight training, cardio training and hiking and I am odor free. Also, this natural deodorant does not have any nasty chemicals that can cause cancer and other health issues. Follow the directions on the card that comes with the deodorant and you will be happy and satisfied that you are doing something good for your health!

~ Lisa

I’ve tried natural Salves, shampoo, shave cream, deodorant. Some were great, some not so much. I was THRILLED to come across the Survive & Thrive Freedom Stick as I can now offer my entire family a chemical free deodorant that actually WORKS! It smells great, feels great, and now so do we!

~ Roxanne - Avid oiler

I don’t like Natural deodorants because they don’t work……well this one does!

~ Faina (Mother) she is biased

I sweat, I sweat, I sweat, but now I don’t smell!

~ Mary (Big time sweater)

I was amazed by how great the deodorant was, how nice it smelled and how effective it was! I just ordered 3 online so I have supply for the next few months. Mike kept saying….what you are going to do when you run out….and now I know. Buy More!!!!!

~ Janey (Now a believer)

My 9 year old daughter had early onset body odor caused by a medical condition. Her condition also, makes her skin so sensitive that she couldn’t tolerate any deodorant, I tried some on her arm , No Reaction! She has used it everyday since! I am beyond grateful!

~ Jodie (mother of a Gorgeous daughter)