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I appreciate the fact that this is safe and smells great (even after a workout). It's a little sticky going on but not an issue. Thx.

Everything I need right now

It’s great! The only deodorant I use currently...want to try another but I’m nervous

Love my Lavender

Freedom has the best smelling deodorants. The product allows me to keep from using harsh ingredients and smelling great. I teach dance and physical education. I can do a lot of activity and then rest again. Imagine going through a workday doing that up to 4-6 times. Your deodorant has got to keep up with you day and Freedom does that for me. I’m thankful for having found Freedom.


Love this deodorant

This is my FAVORITE underarm sweat product among all deodorants and antiperspirants, natural or conventional. I have been using this stuff for 3 years and it works! It took a couple of months to fully transition from antiperspirant to a natural deodorant. The first two weeks were the toughest as my armpits detoxified from the back up they (and the lymph glands inside them) had gone through for years. I swear more for that period of time, obviously. Then over time I gradually began to sweat less and less. After about a year of consistent natural deodorant use, something amazing happened, my under arms barely sweat at all!!! During this three year journey I have tried Schmidt’s, Native, and Lume, as well as this brand. Time and again I keep coming back to Freedom for it ya the right combination of effective scent control, good smell, and ease of product application. I highly encourage everyone to try Freedom for a month before deciding how they feel about natural deodorant. Everyone I’ve given a stick to has loved it and continued using it after.

Best natural deodorant I’ve tried!

This has been the only natural deodorant that makes me forget I’ve worn natural deodorant. It keeps me dry and fresh all day. Love it!

Everywhere Deodorant

Testing The Waters

Nothing but good things to say about Freedom. Haven't reordered yet because I ordered multiple natural products at one time to test but I will be back.

Scent is nice, but I still stink

See title.

Large Sticks

Good Product!

I brought the coconut one which is smells fanstatic. . This is my every day deodorant when I am at home . This deodorant is not as dried as the other natural ones I have worn in the past. It does its job but there are times that I sweat a lot and it does not absorb the sweat as the non-natural deodorant. I still like the product.

large sticks

No scent great but so thick difficult to apply

Not impressed

Do not like the consistency. Not easy to apply avd way too expensive

Love the ingredients in this deodorant along with the fact that it really works!

Oops! Large Sticks

Fantastic products

Didn’t work for me

Liked it, not loved it. Scent was nice. Application - sometimes have to smoothen out with finger.

Just okay

This deodorant works well but leaves a lot of residue on my clothes and “balls up” on my skin. I feel like the formula has changed. :(

Fine stop emailing me

It’s apparently been 523 days after this purchase and y’all still emailing me for a review ridiculous. Foe starters was I out of my damn mind buying this deodorant?! It’s so expensive. It works ok I guess but I didn’t repurchase because it wasn’t worth the time or money.

Coco van

I used the lavender and peach those worked great it was my first time using roll on and I wrote to you all about MY experience I understand we all have different ones but I was disappointed on the response whether it came from the owner or a co affiliate of company I stopped using after the email . I would
Totally use the dry sticks but haven’t ordered any . Hopefully will
Give a shot again . The roll
On coco van was not for me I was stinky all day long and I couldn’t understand it since I had a great experience with the other scents . Not sure if my body was going through something , but In Email u all just sAid it’s your top seller not hey maybe the roll
Ok is Different or maybe the dry stick works better for my body . I’m not upset or anything at all just wanted to share . I’m the end I truly love the lavender and dry peach sticks !

Worked great initially

I love the packaging of the Freedom deodorant sticks and the scent was nice. While it was effective for about 2 months, the deodorant stopped working for me.

Not impressed

Seems like a decent product but it made my skin break out!


This is a great natural deodorant, it really is100%effective against odor, the texture is nice and substantial, not abrasive like other natural deodorants. The scent I got may not be for everyone, a more mature scent I would say but deinitely a unisex scent of not manlier

Large Sticks