Freedom Natural Deodorant
Freedom Natural Deodorant
Freedom Natural Deodorant
Freedom Natural Deodorant
Freedom Natural Deodorant
Freedom Natural Deodorant
Freedom Natural Deodorant
Freedom Natural Deodorant
Freedom Natural Deodorant
Freedom Natural Deodorant
Freedom Natural Deodorant

Natural Deodorant

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Eliminate your odor for 24 hours with our advanced, natural formula that’s clinically proven to be effective.

It works by killing odor-causing bacteria BEFORE it gets on the skin. This is the ideal choice to keep your skin healthy because we only use clean, safe ingredients and leave out artificial junk like aluminum and parabens.

We’re getting you healthier and less stinkier one armpit at a time.

Only tested on humans - NEVER ANIMALS!

BAKING SODA FREE options available

Choose Your Scent

CLEAN, Natural, Safe Ingredients

Only six ingredients.. you don’t even need a dictionary!

Packed with goodness and moisturizing benefits.

Naturally absorbs moisture and kills odor.

Sustainably farmed and no bees were harmed in the creation. This edible wax allows for smooth application and making your skin happy.

Also known as the tears of the sea. Is a natural occurring mineral that helps aid wetness and odor protection.

Curated with the finest essential oils available to relieve stress, calm nerves, and improves skin conditions.

Natural and safe mineral that helps neutralize odor causing bacteria.
**Baking Soda Free Options Available**

Why Our Customers LOVE Freedom

"This Works Like Nothing Else!"


I’ve been trying to switch to natural deodorant because I don’t want to put aluminum on my body. The problem was that every natural deodorant I tried left me smelling worst than my odor. Then I found Freedom, and let me tell you..... this works like NOTHING ELSE. I CAN’T BELIEVE IT.

-Dorann S.

"Amazing Product!!!"


I'm a breast cancer survivor, and I am trying to heal my body from all the toxins of chemotherapy. I was so happy to see this product advertised. I tried several other "natural" deodorants before with no success, and HALLELUJAH FREEDOM WORKS, and it smells wonderful.

-Ellen K.



The Lavender is my favorite! When they say this lasts 24 hours, I didn't believe it until i did 1 hour of crossfit, sweat so much and came home smelling GOOD. I'm never switching back.

-Linda S.

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Norah K.
United States United States
A loyal customer you’ve made of me!

The item came through without a hitch. This deodorant delivered what it promised. My only concern is how dry it is when I apply it. Each time I use it (two swipes/per arm), I’m wondering if I applied enough. Because it is expensive, I am hoping the bottle lasts a long time. I’m feeling healthier knowing this deodorant is aluminum free.

Elizabeth V.
United States United States
Love freedom!!

This stuff works great!!! This is the first deodorant that REALLY stops odor. I run regularly and sweat a lot. I refuse to use any products with aluminum or other offensive ingredients and believed that I would have to settle for mediocre results. NOT TRUE! THIS STUFF IS GREAT!!

Desiree E.
United States United States
Great Product

I LOVE that it is all natural! Coconut smells great. Only wish it absorbed sweat a little better.

Vivian G.
United States United States
Great deodorant!

The best natural, non-toxic deodorant in the market. As my body was getting used to it my under arms had a little discoloration but now they look amazing. Feels good knowing you are adding a great product! Smells great!

Chloe H.
United States United States
There really is nothing better!

I’ve had trouble with deodorant for as long as I can remember. Nothing works for me, aluminum-containing or natural. Nothing. Like at all. The best I could do was opt for natural or aluminum-free deodorant for my health, but it typically went with reapplying 2-3 times per day or changing my shirt at least once during the day. A few years ago I stumbled upon Freedom and it completely changed the game. I don’t know what it is about this stuff, but it actually works. I apply it once a day, I don’t have profuse sweating, I don’t have a horrendous smell. I know it’s just the name, but this deodorant really has given me the Freedom to live life to the fullest!