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Eliminate your odor for 24 hours with our advanced, natural formula that’s clinically proven to be effective.

Protect Yourself Against Odor in a Safe and Effective Manner

Our natural deodorant works by killing odor-causing bacteria BEFORE it gets on the skin. This is the ideal choice to keep your skin healthy because we only use clean, safe ingredients and leave out artificial junk like aluminum and parabens.

Freedom’s Natural Deodorant is a healthier alternative to other chemical laden deodorants. Our skin is the largest organ of our body and tends to absorb over 70% of products that are applied against it. So being choosy about the products you apply on the skin is a smart move. Pick only the best products, made from safe and natural elements, to ensure your body is soaking up only trustworthy ingredients. 

When you use Freedom Natural Deodorant, you can rest in peace in the knowledge that you’re using the best natural deodorant that works, not only keeping you smelling fresh but also in the safest manner.

Experience the Wholesome Goodness of Fresh Ingredients 

Coconut oil, one of our main ingredients, is known for its beauty and health promoting benefits. Its fresh essence and fragrance are packed with wholesome goodness. Plus its excellent moisturizing property is no secret, as is indicated by its widespread adoption in a ton of beauty and health products across the globe. Arrowroot powder, another extremely beneficial element of our Natural Deodorant for women, kills odor naturally while absorbing sweat and moisture.

Did you know that our Magnesium hydroxide (our comes from one very special place in the world), , another powerful ingredient of our deodorant formula is a naturally occurring mineral that helps protect the skin from the wetness and odor of perspiration. Lastly, our natural deodorant is a blend of the finest essential oils, further elevating its wholesome goodness quotient.

From work to the gym, to a hot night out, we've got your armpits well protected. This powerful formula truly eliminates odor all day long.

We’re getting you healthier and less stinky one armpit at a time.

Only tested on humans - NEVER ANIMALS!