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From the owner of Birchbox's personal travel list to women influencing others to go organic - here are a few of our favorite posts from happy customers. Us at Freedom thank you for your business and your body thanks you too!

Why I (a Typical Millenial) Chose Freedom

Why I (a Typical Millenial) Chose Freedom
    I turned 30 this year. Contrary to what everyone had told me to expect – I didn’t wake up with every limb on my body hurting… but I did feel more aware of my body. I ate like a teenager all week and gained 5 pounds which honestly,...

Helpful Advice For This Cold Weather

What to do if your sticks get too cold... Freedom Deodorant stick that is!!! 😉As we are shipping out to frigid climates (we've finally reached 70 degrees in Las Vegas, just saying) we have had a lot of questions about this....