21 Organic Beauty Products Everyone Should Try Mention

Thank you to Ceanna Chapman for listing FREEDOM Natural Deodorant as her 21 essential items.

"This may be TMI but… I have a TERRIBLE time finding a good deodorant! I have tried men’s, women’s and clinical strength deodorant and can never quite find one I like 100 percent. I have also heard dangerous deodorant stories so I have decided nothing is safe anymore. That was until I learned about FREEDOM deodorant! This deodorant is aluminum free. That means it is safe for women to use. Moving on: as a part of my other job, I work in a stock room moving boxes, running around and flinging flinging myself to get boxes to the top shelf. This work can get pretty hard and I don’t have time to be smelly or reapply deodorant. With Freedom deodorant, I don’t have either of these problems! They have natural scents, such as lavender citrus and bergamot mint. They also have a “Sensitive unscented” if you have sensitive skin. 🙂 Great deodorant, great coverage, great scents!"
-Ceanna Chapman

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