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It All Started
Right In Her Kitchen

Founder & CEO, Ira Green started Freedom when three close friends were diagnosed with breast cancer. And why we donate a portion of our sales to cancer charities.

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"This Works Like Nothing Else!"

I’ve been trying to switch to natural deodorant because I don’t want to put aluminum on my body. The problem was that every natural deodorant I've tried left me smelling worse than my actual odor. Then I found Freedom, and it changed my life! I apply it once and knows it's good for the rest of the entire day. 

Samantha K.
Los Angeles, CA

"Amazing Product!!!

I'm a breast cancer survivor, and I can not use skincare products with harsh chemicals since chemo, and it is so difficult for me to try to find something I can use that was safe and smell good. I tried several other natural deodorants before with no success, and I am so thrilled I found FREEDOM. It truly works, it smells amazing and I'm never switching back. And I love that they give back to breast cancer, that's huuuuuge for me."

Ellen K.
Los Angeles, CA


When they say this lasts 24 hours, I didn't believe it until I did 1 hour of crossfit, came home drenching in sweat and I asked my husband to smell my armpit LOL and he said he didn't smell anything. I don't know what magic is in this stuff but this really really works." 

Courtney S.
Los Angeles, CA